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Developing personal brand through image in the media

Official corporate portraits

Personal brand portraits of executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers

Company documentary photos

Photo professionnelle d'une femme blonde

Your image on social media is an undeniable asset in 2023, and it starts with a strong visual identity that aligns with your expertise. Whether it's creating your brand image, building your online reputation, or strengthening your visibility, I would be happy to accompany you throughout the process.

Your brand image It is crucial that the image you project on social media and in the media lives up to your professional success.

Your online reputation As a portrait photographer, it is my duty to highlight the most interesting aspects of my clients. I will assist you in analyzing your professional career and the image you would like to convey to your clients and collaborators. Inspiring trust, demonstrating accessibility, or expressing your creativity are some of the goals we can achieve through the choice of appropriate photos. And this, for the greatest benefit of your professional image!

Company documentary photos Some tips for photo sessions

Questions to ask yourself: Who am I? Who will be looking at the photo? What images represent you? How does your personality contribute to your success?

Clothing should be representative of your personality and suitable for the scenes being photographed. Planning outfits in advance that combine comfort and elegance is essential. Opt for beautiful fabrics. Avoid patterns... unless you're an artist! Well-fitted clothing (but not too tight) looks better in photos. "Mid-season" clothing is interesting and versatile.

Makeup? Absolutely! Ladies and gentlemen, well-hydrated skin radiates health - drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the session and avoid alcohol. Watch out for shiny skin: mattifying powder or blotting papers are necessary. Then, concealer and blush (to give a natural flushed look) work wonders. Finally, for the eyes, simplicity generally prevails. Be cautious with shiny powders that can highlight unwanted wrinkles. In any case, the makeup should be impeccable.

The big day Relax! The session is friendly and allows you to take a break, reflect on the progress made, and the opportunities ahead. You will be guided through poses, and the session will be very relaxed.

My goal is to capture your most beautiful expression in flattering light.

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