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Are you looking to capture the fleeting beauty of precious moments? I will reveal the poetry of your dearest moments.

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I specialize in wedding and portrait photography. I also offer corporate, event, sports, architectural, and culinary photography services.


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Are you ready to travel beyond the boundaries of reality?


I invite you to discover the poetry hidden behind each shot, in a universe where art and emotion merge.


I also give you my best pro tips to make your photo day perfect. Open the doors to my blog and dive into inspiration.

Nat Lapointe

Professionnal photographer

From a young age, I developed a passion for photography. I watched my father get excited and move around for countless themes and subjects he captured in pictures. We were often in front of his camera lens. After an outing, he would go home, rush into the laundry room which he had transformed into a darkroom to materialize the images he had taken during this adventure.


I was fascinated by these beautiful black and white portraits, printed on photographic paper. It was in moments like these that the flame ignited. The quest for balance and happiness, a long journey punctuated by inspiring encounters, memorable trips made me decide one day to make photography more than a hobby but my way of life and my livelihood.


When I photograph, time seems suspended, stopped. I explore. I learn. The desire to surpass myself inhabits me on every occasion. Each person, each project (subject..) is a blank page that inspiration will fill.


I am athletic, a yogi, contemplative and epicurean. I love aesthetics and the sublime play of light. It is above all in accessibility and positive relationships that I undertake each of my photography projects.


Communication is optimal and creativity develops freely to give birth to the desired result. I am a caring photographer who cares about the complete satisfaction of my clients. I travel between Montreal and Mont-Tremblant to carry out your projects. Investing in beautiful photos guarantees you beautiful memories for life and for the pure delight of future generations."

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 Mont-Tremblant - Laurentides - Montreal 

Photographer of Wedding | Photo offamily | Corporate portrait | Commercial photo | Photo Air BnB | Architectural photography


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